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Prof. Dr. h. c. Jürgen E. Schrempp Daimler Company Tradition CEOs.
In 1995, Jürgen Schrempp succeeded Edzard Reuter as Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler-Benz AG. In contrast to his predecessor, Schrempp again made the automotive business the focus of the company. The merger with Chrysler to form DaimlerChrysler AG took place under his direction in 1998.
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Schrempp's' visionary Chrysler deal lost 12.6bn for Daimler investors IOL Business Report.
Private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management bought an 80.1 percent stake for 7.4 billion. The shares rose as much as 7.8 percent on Monday, their biggest intraday gain since July 28 2005, the day that Schrempp announced his resignation, when the stock climbed more than 11 percent.
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Prof. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Schrempp.
Schrempp, former CEO of DaimlerChrysler AG, remains highly active in many areas including, for example, through his role as Chairman of the Southern Africa Initiative of German Business SAFRI and positions he holds on the boards of a variety of multinational companies.
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Jürgen E. Schrempp Wikipedia.
Schrempp created controversy at the time of the Daimler-Chrysler merger when he publicly implied that his career was a greater priority than his wife. After 30 years of marriage to Renate Lutz, Schrempp explained that I" was faced with the choice: work or marriage.
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Juergen Schrempp Facts.
Schrempp was determined to act on the devastating losses his company had endured by buying too many companies without enough concern for profits. Schrempp began to develop his strategy when he noticed Daimler's' listing on the New York Stock Exchange.
A Decade of CEO Schrempp Business Economy and finance news from a German perspective DW 29.07.2005.
May 24, 1995: Jürgen Schrempp takes Edzard Reuter's' place as Daimler-Benz chief executive officer. September 1995: Schrempp discloses half-year losses of 1.56 billion deutsche marks 798 million euros, 968 million due to currency fluctuations. November 1995: Restructuring at aviation subsidiary DASA costs 8800, jobs.
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Gregory A. Schrempp Folklore and Ethnomusicology Indiana University Bloomington.
Myth: A New Symposium with William Hanson Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2002. Magical Arrows: The Maori, the Greeks, and the Folklore of the Universe Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1992. Indiana University IU Bloomington College of Arts Sciences Folklore Ethnomusicology.
Schrempp fuels merger talk Business The Guardian.
Jürgen Schrempp, DaimlerChrysler's' chairman, yesterday fuelled speculation that the German-American carmaker is in active negotiations to take over or merge with another European group. Reporting record profits of 11bn 6.7bn on 150bn sales, he admitted for the first time talks were taking place.
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The Germans Take Charge Creating DaimlerChrysler was a coup for Jurgen Schrempp, but can he make the new company work? January 11, 1999.
The London meeting was successful, and a second was scheduled-only to be canceled at the last minute after Trotman informed Schrempp that the Ford family, which controls 40% of Ford's' voting stock, wouldn't' consider a combination in which it might lose control.
Chrysler shriveled under Schrempp. AN-LOGO-BLUE. AN-LOGO-BLUE.
Less than a year later, as Chrysler sales continued falling, Schrempp abruptly sacked Holden. Days after being fired, Holden told Peter Brown, then the editor and now the editorial director of Automotive News, that Schrempp blamed him for lower sales.
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