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Fritz Scholder: Indian/Not Indian, article by K. Kimberly King.
Showcased in this, the largest Scholder retrospective to date including the sublimely hued Super Pueblo 1968, the elegant American Indian undated right, and the controversial Indian with Beer Can 1969 are the prolific artist's' radical transformations of both Native American art and viewers perceptions of tribal peoples.
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Fritz Scholder artnet.
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Native Artists Discuss Fritz Scholder Denver Art Museum.
The DAM's' New Exhibition Highlights Native Artist Fritz Scholder. The Denver Art Museum has been collecting and exhibiting American Indian artists work since 1925, and the exhibition Super Indian: Fritz Scholder, 1967-1980, is part of our ongoing commitment to highlight the work of leading artists in this field.
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NPR Indian Choice Or page. Not? Fritz Scholder's' Art And Identity: NPR.
The Smithsonian's' National Museum of the American Indian has organized two one in New York and one in Washington, D.C. both called Fritz" Scholder: Indian/Not Indian" And in Santa Fe, N.M, where Scholder taught in the 1960s, the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum has organized an exhibition titled Fritz" Scholder: An Intimate Look."
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In 1999 Scholder completed Future Clone, an eight-foot-tall bronze sculpture, described by ArtDaily as androgynous" angel figure" which exhibits the" same agitated, textural touch" that Scholder brought to his paintings. 8 He produced his first digital book, Thoughts at Night, in 2000.
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Fritz Scholder Original Artwork Windsor Betts.
The painter Oscar Howe, a Sioux Indian, introduced him to modern art while he was still in high school. In 1957, the family settled in Sacramento, where Scholder earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Sacramento State University. At Sacramento, the painter Wayne Thiebaud exposed Scholder to the Pop Art movement.
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